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More trips are being planned.  If you would be interested in going on one or more trips, or have suggestions for locations to visit, please contact Sandi Webster at 405-722-8749.


Our trip to the Chickasaw Cultural Center near Sulphur was Nov 9, 2013.  HCB arranged for transportation in a church bus.  We headed south and when we arrived at the Center, two Chickasaw tour guides were waiting for us.  First stop was to the auditorium, where we watched a film describing the history of the Chickasaws. It was not audio-described, but it was very informative.  We talked to the tour guides, explained about audio description and they said they would bring it up.  Next, we went to one of the buildings with displays representing the various stages of the Chickasaws. They were very good at describing the buildings and the items on display, as well as the history represented.  We were able to touch and examine many of the items. After a brief break, we were directed back to the auditorium, where a group of Chickasaw dancers explained, then performed some of the traditional dances.  They then invited anyone interested to come on stage and dance with them.  Several members accepted the invitation and the dancers were very patient in describing what they needed to do and then the Chickasaw dancers and the members of the audience performed one of the dances.  All had a good time. 

Then it was time for lunch and we enjoyed several native Chickasaw dishes.  Many visitors were there and it took a while to get our meals, but they were definitely worth the wait. 

After lunch we went to an outdoor exhibit with life-size representation of several different types of dwellings, with examples of the items used for cooking, sleeping, etc.  Everything was available to examine, and the guides gave us a detailed description of everything.

A too-brief trip to another building and we were running out of time.  After thanking our guides, we returned to the bus and began our trip back to Oklahoma City.